Healing and Restorative Justice Initiative

TWOCC seeks to shift the narrative of surviving to thriving in our communities. We strive to build economic empowerment and global networks that connect rural communities with suburban enclaves, inner city youth with elders, donors with Black trans entrepreneurs, healers with those seeking to be whole and collaborators with agitators.


Our work elevates those in our community who have had their voices stolen, usurped, commodified, silenced and exploited by cis gaze, colonization, anti-Blackness, imperialism and transphobia.


Our Healing and Restorative Justice Initiative consist of several components that spearhead our main body of work.


There is a critical need for trans youth of color led initiatives that cultivate affirming spaces for our communities to engage in healing and restorative justice. We lean in with an intentional response to the trauma our community has endured by leading with the voices and leadership of our youth and young people.


Our writing clinics, cultural arts events and healing retreats serve as conduits for community members to engage in healing work necessary to process and move from trauma to cultivate organizing capacity and resources. We have hosted initiatives in over 40 states in the U.S. at Colleges and Universities as well as conferences and community gatherings. Our global initiatives in Switzerland, London, Norway, Puerto Rico, Jamaica and East Africa have facilitated cultural exchanges and anthropological studies with organizers enhancing our efforts towards curating a global platform for collective liberation.


Our Community Teach Ins, advocacy workshops and direct actions serve as an avenue for our community members to enhance their skills as community organizers, become policy proficient and expand social justice efforts. We are deeply invested in developing and advancing the organizing capacity of our leadership team and community members so that we can create opportunities to obtain everything that they need to thrive in a world designed to erase us off the face of the earth.


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