Wellness Fund

Trans Women of Color Collective is a direct response to the state sanctioned violence we face everyday in our communities.


Led by and for trans and gender-nonconforming people of color, we work in tandem to create, curate, and produce affirming spaces where our community has the opportunity to come together, leverage resources, be affirmed, loved, and supported by people who look and experience life just as we do. We are answering our own call to action to shift the narrative state-sanctioned violence and how it impacts all of our lives.


Core to our work is a deep investment in healing and collective care. It is critical for trans people of color to curate spaces that center our health and wellness as well as leadership development. Our wellness fund supports our leadership retreats, community events (which are free to trans people), dinners and gatherings.

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Your contribution to our Wellness Fund goes directly to assisting our community survive.


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