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Transgender youth are bullied and harassed in schools at much greater rates than lesbian and gay youth.


Many transgender youth report being physically attacked at school because of their perceived gender identity, sexual orientation or gender expression. Transgender children who are not supported at school and home are more likely to score lower than their counterparts and are at a greater risk of dropping out due to increased pressure to conform.Transgender youth who drop out of school have a more difficult chance of attending college, getting a job, developing a career and maintaining stable housing. We want to create opportunities for our community leaders to be present, visible and compensated for their labor.


We also want to ensure our community leaders have access to educational spaces that affirm and celebrate all of who we are. Our education fund is used to support the efforts of our members who engage capacity building, community education and cultural competence as participants in National Coalitions, Conference and Action Committee’s. Our education fund also assists in covering costs of conferences, trainings and workshops our members are presenting or attending

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Your contribution to our Education Fund goes directly to assisting our community survive.


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