”’Peeling Back the Layers; I’m Ready Too…” is Samantha Jo-Dato’s motto for life and healing these days. An Atlantic City, NJ native.  She found a love of Philadelphia and soon relocated there. While in Philadelphia she quickly became a force to be reckoned with. As an activist for Trans, P.O.C. and Women’s rights she was unapologetic, unowned and unedited. Her sassy and  fiery personality made her a key player in the social justice movement locally and nationally. Serving the community by working on some of Philadelphia’s largest projects and events. Events like The Philly Trans* March, Trans Wellness Project, Creating Change, and The March to End Rape Culture just to name a few. She gained recognition on a International level when she became the Logistical Coordinator of the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference, the largest trans Health conference in the country.

Sami Jo as she has been nicknamed became a 1st time author with her testimonial journal called “Sami Jo Shattered Perfect” that was published via Hope After 20 Publications, which she co-owns, in April 2016. This was her first book of a 3-part series titled ‘The Mirror Reflection’. Upholding her role on the leadership team of TWOCC (Trans Women of Color Collective) and successfully leading an international conference into inclusion. She continued to center the needs of the most marginalized communities into an all-time record high of visibility.

Samantha still struggled  with trauma, acceptance, and self-worth. She continued to feel unfinished after all her external success. At the height of her career Samantha soundlessly relocated to Los Angeles CA in search of her internal happiness and power. There she began to Peel Back The Layers of her existence and unpack her fears, failures, and future. She was Ready to… share, provide, and heal but before that she had to cry, scream, and readjust her purpose in life.

Now as the Trans Wellness Center Program Manager in Los Angeles Ca, Wilshere district as well as an accomplished Makeup Artist, Author, Humanitarian, Activist, Motivational Speaker Samantha is unpacking and providing the tools to tackle intersecting life issues of self-esteem, self-respect, and healthy living.