In March 2006 Vanessa moved to New York & In July of that year started her transition. In 2007, she began her career as a model & entertainer. Did her first runway, for Banana Republic’s Fall line, in late Summer 2007.

She is an Ambassador & founding member of The Transgender Women of Color Collective. Vanessa as cast in The Trans Women Theater Troupe, Play: In My Skin, that debuted in November 2013 in Joe’s Pub in New York City. The Play was a complete success & was later made into a documentary& did have its official premier in New York, Philadelphia & Boston.

Vanessa was chosen as, one of the 2014 Trans 100. The Trans 100 is an annual listing of 100 Trans individuals from all over the country who are active in the work of making the lives of Trans people better.

Vanessa Currently works for The New York City’s Anti-Violence Project, as a Community Based Counselor. Helping mainly victims of violence, who identify as LGBTQ & who are HIV positive. Works very closely with clients who are of Transgender experience.

She is currently the Face of BXSmash, a comprehensive social media Campaign, that deals with intersections between Cis-gender & Transgender women & She is also one of the faces of an Anti-Violence Campaign By The New York City Anti-Violence Project “Born to Be”. That was released & was seen in bus shelters & phone booths throughout the 5 boroughs in New York City, late Fall 2014/early Winter 2015 & now available in outreach material.

On October 24, 2014 Was honored by The Ali Forney Center, for all the work she has done & for being a great possibility model in the Trans Community.

Vanessa Victoria took the stage again, on November 2014, for 2 nights only on a Play entitled: Cold November Rain in New York City. Where she played a 17 year old Transgender lesbian, the Play received positive reviews.

In December 2014 was named among The 10 Transgender Trailblazers, for the work that she does for the Trans Community.

In March 2015, Vanessa Victoria, went on a 2 City tour. First to Chicago, for the first National Trans Anti-Violence Convening & to the fourth annual, Color of Violence Conference. Then went to Washington D.C, for the grand opening, of the Trans Women of Color Collective’s National Headquarter offices & the White House, for Trans Women of color-Women’s History month briefing, speaking on issues that Trans Women are facing in the United States.

In June 2015 was given a citation of Merit by the Bronx Borough President, At the Fifth Annual Bronx Borough President & Allies LGBTQ Pride Awards.

In July she joined, the Ali Forney Center’s Trans Advisory Board, to work closely with Transgender clients at AFC. Was recently named one of 13 Trans Latin@s, who are changing the world!

In January 2016 she went back home to Puerto Rico & was the keynote speaker, in the first Transgender Town Hall. Where she started the conversation of change & will continue working with LGBT organizations, in hope to bring to Puerto Rico better services & care for Trans folks.