Samantha Jo-Dato

Chief Operating Officer/ West Coast Lead

Philly Tans March
Samantha Jo-Dato’s motto for life these days is  ”’planted to grow; not buried to die…”  an Atlantic City, NJ native, Samantha  early on in her transition found a love for Philadelphia PA where she relocated and made Philly her turf.  There she quickly became a force to be reckoned with as an advocate for Trans/GNC, P.O.C., and women in all intersecting identities of people who are marginalized and oppressed.  Samantha at the peak of her career (so she thought) began to push back against systems designed to erase folks like her and hold us from liberation.
Her sassy and fiery personality made her a key player in social justice change for the trans movement globally. Selflessly serving her community by working on some of the  largest projects and events: The Philly Trans* March, HBO Document Series “Because of Her Story, We Have Ours”, Black Trans Health Initiative, Project Shine (Trans Health Mobile App), Trans Wellness Center, Creating Change, The March to End Rape Culture, White House Anti-Violence Task Force (Obama’s Administration), Black Trans Health Initiative, Women March LA, along with a Trans/GNC writing clinic  just to name a few. Ms Jo-Dato first gained recognition on a international level as Logistical Conference Coordinator of the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference, the largest trans health conference in the world where she began to shift the atmosphere and accessibility back to it’s true mission.  
Sami Jo as she has been nicknamed is excited to share with you in her first book Shattered Perfect a Testimonial Journal written  from a place of release from the agony that was holding her shackled from greatness. A survivor of child molestation, rape, substance abuse, depression, and bullying. Samantha’s  wish is that this series will relate to people whom have or our currently going through these unbearable afflictions past or present.
This 3-part series titled ‘The Mirror Reflection’ is one of Samantha’s ways to continue helping the unheard. Currently the Chief Operating Officer of  TWOCC (Trans Women of Color Collective.) She continued to center the needs of the most marginalized communities with healing, purpose and love.
Currently residing in  Oakland Ca, She continues to unpack her fears, failures, and future as she  shares and provides spaces for healthy living and reflection.