Gianna Salustro

Southern Regional Leadership

Philadelphia Naive Gianna Salustro is a social media influencer, inspiring actress, licensed cosmetologist, community advocator, entrepreneur transgender woman of color.

Gianna uses her social media and YouTube platform to influence young black beauty, motivate and inspire success and happiness, and share her story and experiences for other women of color to relate to.


Gianna has pursued her aspiring dream of acting and has appeared on hit shows such as FOX’s “STAR”, CBS’s show “MacGyver” and a new Tyler Perry show in 2019, among a few other appearances on GPB (Georgia Public Broadcasting). She aspires to show all women across the spectrum that with a dream and determination, anything is possible.


Gianna also gained community experience as the Social Media Specialist and Trans Advocate for a Metro Atlanta based non-profit organization called “LaGender”. Led by Transgender Women of color, they strive to motivate, uplift, and improve the lives of their transgender sisters who are in need and homeless. They hold support groups, leadership empowerment trainings and outreach to the Atlanta Trans Women community.


While multitasking community work, Gianna also maintains and runs her own business as a Wig Constructor and Consultant. She also uses her skills and passion to offer salon services to those transgender women in need, promoting self-care and confidence. Between vlogging and showering beauty and confidence into her transgender sisters and other followers, Gianna’s mission and passion is to inspire beauty and confidence into all of her healing trans sisters of color. “Lacing one heart at a time”. She represents our Southern Regional Leadership out of Atlanta, Georgia.