Essence Hale

Regional Leadership

Essence Hale is a Black woman of trans experience, beauty expert, queer ballroom diva, model, and advocate. She is an East St. Louis native, residing in St. Louis Missouri. Making a name for herself in the realm of pageantry, she is a former: Miss Kansas City Black Pride, Miss Fannie’s, Miss Missouri State. Joining the House of Mizrahi, she has snatched trophies in the categories of: FQ Face & FF Runway.


As a beauty expert, she is known for “locking the look” in photoshoots, national beauty pageants, and fashion runaways. She is a certified Cosmetologist with a specification in avant garde hair artistry, precision sculpting, and custom wig building.


Essence currently represents Trans Women of Color Collective as the Midwest Ambassador, working to cultivate colorful spaces throughout the Midwest and beyond. She has a professional background in HIV Prevention working with Black transwomen and LGBT. As a leader, she possesses a strong dedication to uplifting women; coupled with, a high prowess in creative conceptualizing.